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The Why

Both Bryce and Maggie have always been a lover of candles, but after several experiences of candle scents not lasting and reading about harmful ingredients in candles, Bryce started tinkering in his home kitchen in a whole new way. 

Coming from the fast-paced background and quality in high-end hotels and restaurants, Bryce wanted more from the product he was making, much like he always wanted and expected more from his food. “Different, better, creative, pretty, colorful and flavorful (or great smelling in this instance).”

After much research on a healthier, cleaner burning candle it was decided that soy wax was the higher quality, all-natural option. We found a cleaner burning eco-series wick to use in the candles and learned how to make plant based essential oils. With playing and mixing essential and fragrance oils to get the desired

scents, it (unconsciously at first) became apparent that our scents were food related….go figure!! We use the maximum amount of fragrance oil the soy wax will hold to ensure the candles are as fragrant at the end of the candle life as they were on the first burn. 

A 14oz soup can was the vessel we chose to bring our line full circle on our culinary background. Chef made soy candles that are culinary inspired and hand poured into soup cans. Food scented candles in a food container seems logical, right?!

Our candles yield a long burn life of 70-75 hours and have the best hot and cold throw that can be achieved. We believe in making the candles smell true to the name on the label. No superfluous frilly names required, EVER!

The Who

Bryce Murphree grew up in Victoria, TX and then went to college at The University of Texas, Austin. After finishing school, he moved to Aspen, CO for a ski season that ended up lasting ten years. It was Aspen that Bryce fell in love with the kitchen and all things culinary. 

Maggie Murphree grew up in the town of Omagh, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland and moved to America for the first time, when she got an internship to work at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. Nashville instilled a love for the U.S. and after a brief time back in Ireland she had the opportunity to move to Aspen, Colorado in 2001 to work in the famed Five Star, Five Diamond / Relais Chateau property, The Little Nell Hotel & Aspen Mountain Club. 

It was here that Bryce and Maggie met and soon after married in 2003.  The move to Dallas and Bryce’s home state was a natural progression and a want to be close to family and setting up their own family roots. In 2014, they moved to Lakewood in Dallas and have grown to love their community and neighbors. 

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